Universal Fault Interrupter (UFI)


Upgrade your efficiency in the most efficient way possible.

One-time installation, the highest level of protection, the best technology we can offer.

The Universal Fault Interrupter (UFI) is specifically designed to provide the highest level of protection for center tank fuel systems. In a single, simple installation, the UFI provides the following functions for the center tank override pumps:

  • Low fuel auto-shutoff to prevent extended pump dry-operation.
  • Pump electrical fault protection (line-to-ground shorts, line-to-line shorts, overcurrent conditions, open phases).
  • Positive control of the center pumps via installation and control of redundant pump control relays.

The UFI is all solid-state, designed as a more reliable, lower-cost alternative to OEM solutions for pump auto-shutoff, GFI and redundant relay installation. It also requires less labor for installation and has much lower requirements for scheduled maintenance. The UFI has non-volatile memory that records historical pump operational data that can be downloaded and reviewed by maintenance or engineering personnel.

UFI Approvals

  • The UFI is approved for use on the 757-200, -300 fleets per FAA STC ST01950LA, EASA STC EASA.IM.A.S.02314.
  • The UFI is approved for use on the 737-600, -700, -700C, -800, 900 per FAA STC ST02076LA, EASA STC pending.
  • Certification of the UFI for use on 767-200, -300 fleets is expected 4Q08.

UFI Installation

  • Installation of the UFI relieves the 1,000-lb. minimum fuel requirements of AD 2002-24-51, paragraphs (b) and (e).
  • 757 UFI STC ST01950LA is listed as an Alternate Means of Compliance to NPRM 2007-NM-036-AD, docket number FAA-2007-28598.
  • 737NG UFI STC ST02076LA is being included as an Alternate Means of Compliance to revised NPRM 2007-NM-017-AD. (This NPRM is being revised due to errors in the Boeing SB for auto-shutoff.)
  • UFI requires a functional check at 30,000-flight-hour intervals.