Avionics Engineering Modifications

Avionic Modifications

Every base covered, every time.

As a matter of principle, AA-MRO sees every detail of all avionics modifications through from start to completion.

The AA-MRO Avionics Engineering staff is experienced in designing and implementing all levels of avionics alteration. Our experience ranges from a single system installation to full cockpit upgrades and standardization packages. Full certification of our designs is a regular part of any project:


High-speed datalink

Enjoy the benefits of reduced ACARS message expense with VDL Mode 2 installations.

Equip for Link 2000+, Controller to Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) and all future European and US requirements.

Satellite Communication

Add worldwide communication capability to your aircraft.


GPS and GNSS Systems

Global Navigation Satellite System installations provide accurate worldwide navigation. We often couple GPS receiver installations with a Flight Management System upgrade. What's more, we are building GBAS and SBAS augmentation into our capability.

Electronic Flight Instrument Systems

Analog to Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) conversions provide the cockpit display reliability and moving map capabilities required by today's airspace procedures — as well as the advanced requirements coming with NEXTGEN and SESAR.

Surveillance and Warning Systems

Enhanced Surveillance and Automatic Dependant Surveillance — Broadcast: AA-MRO engineers have designed and support several solutions for the European Enhanced Surveillance requirements. We are also preparing for implementation of ADS-B functionality in all aircraft.

Predictive Windshear and Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems

Our expertise includes developing upgrades to existing systems or full system installations.

Cockpit Voice and other Flight Data Recorders

AA-MRO Engineering is ready with packages providing compliance with new CVR and FDR system requirements, as mandated by the 2008 US regulations.