Line Maintenance

Line Maintenance

Expertise. Experience. Excellence.

Our superior line maintenance operation is backed by the largest, most experienced in the industry.

AA-MRO offers the most extensive line maintenance network in the Western Hemisphere. Our aircraft maintenance technicians regularly dispatch the largest, most diverse fleet in the world — with highest levels of dependability. We also dispatch more ETOPS operations than any other organization.

So when you add it up, it's easy to understand the true value our expertise, experience and training deliver. We call it "air-craftsmanship," and a long list of satisfied customers depend on it, on the same quality the American Airlines fleet has always trusted. What's more, our superior line maintenance operation is also backed by the largest, most experienced overhaul and airline engineering staff in the industry. It's the best of all possible worlds.

If you fly to the United States, Latin America, London, Paris and Frankfurt, call us. We're delivering excellence, down the line.


For more specific information, view our Line Maintenance Brochure online, click here.

Cost Savings

  • More ETOPS performed than anyone else in the industry. We're very adept at this.
  • Engine Washes to improve efficiency
  • NDT available at many stations
  • Fast, accurate troubleshooting and repair