Your experienced JT8D MRO facility.

We’ve been overhauling Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines for more than 30 years.

Since these engines have operated reliably in the American Airlines fleet for 25 years, AA-MRO is your alternative to high parts prices for JT8D-200 series. We have developed numerous, proprietary and innovative repairs that allow operators to avoid the high cost of new parts replacement. What's more, we can also introduce you to replacement parts we have developed for even greater savings.

In short, we are the industry-leading operator of the JT8D-200 engine. We've been overhauling Pratt & Whitney JT8D engines for more than 30 years, with JT8D-200 engine overhauls for over 18 years — having performed repairs on over 4000 engines in that span. We have experienced every possible situation and scenario involving operation and repair, making us the most experienced JTD8 shop in the industry. And with over 300 engine visits per year, we continue to add to the programs in place — increasing reliability and reducing your costs.

When you combine the cost savings with our high-quality workmanship and competitive turn times, you'll find AA-MRO the only true choice for JT8D engine repairs.






  • FAA Part 121 and Part 145 Certified, EASA Part 145, CAAC Part 145
  • JT8D-200 Engine Overhaul and Repair
  • Test Cell Runs
  • Large Materials Inventory
  • Water Wash and Other Line Maintenance Support Activities
  • Full Engine Management Support
  • Extensive Repair Development through In-house Engineering Department

Engine Facilities

The AA-MRO JT8D engine shop is located in the American Airlines Maintenance and Engineering Center at the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Interational Airport. Significant line maintenance expertise is also located at LAX, SFO, JFK, MIA, DFW, and ORD, as well as in multiple South American locations.

Cost Savings

With unprecedented experience in JT8D engine overhaul and repair, AA-MRO can deliver savings for you ASAP:

  • Short-term lease engine availability
  • Turn times that support reduced spare engine ownership
  • Extensive experience in the development, approval and use of PMA materials
  • Dedicated, in-house engineering staff focused on extensive repair development for controlling costs
  • Direct link to the vast experience of airline operational expertise