The only choice for efficient, cost-effective APU repair.

Our expertise makes us the only choice for 737, MD80 and 777 APU repairs.

AA-MRO maintains a world-class APU repair and overhaul facility, able to support all your needs and turn-time demands. We're offering the same innovative parts repair capabilities that have been applied to propulsion engines. Our extensive ETOPS operations place heavy demands on APU workmanship. Combined with competitive turn times, our expertise makes us the only choice for efficient, cost-effective 737, MD80 and 777 APU repairs.

AA-MRO has also aligned itself with multiple materials providers in order to offer customers the best solutions possible. A long history of 727, MD80, DC10 / MD11, 737NG and 777 overhauls has provided the experience and expertise to offer outstanding service in the MRO marketplace.




  • FAA Part 121 and Part 145 Certified, EASA Part 145
  • MD80 GTCP85-98DHF
  • 737NG 131-9B
  • 777 331-500
  • Short-term APU leasing of all model GTCP85-98DHF

APU Facilities

The AA-MRO APU shop is located in the Maintenance and Engineering Center at the Tulsa, Oklahoma, International Airport.

Cost Savings

With years of experience in engine and APU overhaul and repair, AA-MRO can deliver immediate savings:

  • Turn times that support reduced spare engine ownership
  • High-quality prodcut resulting in extended on-wing performance
  • Dedicated engineering staff focused on cost control
  • Direct link to the vast experience of airline operational expertise