Ready to respond with everything you need from our team.

Extensive expertise in aircraft repairs, modification, product development and program management.

Simply stated, any operator of advanced transport-class airplanes supremely values innovative repair processes, fuel-saving modifications and sound technical advice. But it's never easy to find these attributes in one stop. And those shops are rarely quick to respond to your schedule. But AA-MRO Engineering is ready — and responsive — with everything you need.

AA-MRO has extensive expertise in aircraft repairs, modification, product development and program management. Our depth of experience and broad range of talent allow us to be successful in many areas beyond the scope of a traditional engineering group. Using Continuous Improvement and lean processes, AA-MRO Engineering works efficiently to ensure safety and reliability. And our extensive staff of DAS / DER engineers is capable of virtually any certification requirement.

For Your Current Challenges:

  • Development and Preparation for Aircraft Modifications and Cabin Reconfigurations
  • On-site and Remote Engineering Liaison / Support for Aircraft and Power Plant Maintenance
  • Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM) Services
  • Full-record Audit Services
  • Component Reliability Tracking
  • Mechanical Reliability Tracking and Analysis
  • Laboratory and Forensics Sciences

For Your Future Endeavors:

  • Aircraft Acceptance Inspections and Conformity
  • Maintenance Program Development and Administration
  • Project Planning and Logistics
  • Project Management and Administration
  • FAA Certification: DAS (Designated Alteration Station); DER (Designated Engineering Representative); DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative)

For Your Documentation Requirements:

  • Technical Publications Integration and Support
  • Drafting

Engineering Facilities

Our engineering group consists of experts. It is only reasonable that we give them the most comprehensive, cutting-edge facilities to work with—for you.

Alliance / Ft. Worth

Great engineering minds don't think alike, they think differently.

This allows us to deliver these solutions and more, all engineered for cost savings:

  • 737-NG, 757 Winglet Designs and Installation — can result in 6%+ savings in fuel
  • 767 Winglet Design — currently in prototype
  • 757 Un-Deducted Fan (UDF) Design — results in losing 1000 lbs. of weight per aircraft
  • Interior Reconfigurations
  • Avionics Modifications
  • Weight Saving Initiatives
  • Maintenance Program Improvements
  • DER/DAS STC Projects