Emergency Services

Emergency Services

When you need us most, we deliver.

We commit to getting you back in the air as safely and as quickly as possible.

Emergency Services

24/7 Coverage


It's an incontrovertible rule of the physical world: Machines break.

When aircraft need repairing on short notice, trust the most responsive and experienced line maintenance organization in the Western Hemisphere to fix them. Turning each project quickly to get you flying faster.

What's more, if the problem requires engineering and deeper systems and structural repair expertise, our line mechanics are already on it. That's because the world's largest and most experienced airline overhaul operation understands the urgency of airline schedules, and moves decisively to support your field operation. In short, we offer unrivaled “air-craftsmanship.”

From the United States and Latin America to London, Frankfurt, Paris and Western Europe, AA-MRO has you back in the air ASAP.

For Airframe:

  • Temporary Structural Repair for Ferry
  • Sheet Metal Repair
  • Flight Control Replacement / Repair
  • Hail Damage Repair
  • APU Change
  • Avionics Change
  • Landing Gear Change
  • Wheel and / or Brake Change
  • Fuel Tank Entry
  • Accident Recovery and Inspection

For Power Plant:

  • Engine Change
  • Engine Repair (Top-case repairs for CF6 and CFM56, boreblending for all)
  • Abradable Shroud Repair (CF6 and CFM56)
  • LRU Change
  • Accessory Gear Box Change (JT8)
  • Transfer Gear Box Change (CF6)
  • Accessory Gear Box Mount Change (CF6)
  • Coke Cleaning (CF6)
  • Dynamic Rigging of VSVs and VBVs (CF6)
  • Vibe Surveys
  • Fan Balancing

Emergency Service Facilities

Our world class maintenance work force is located at almost all the key airports in the Western Hemisphere. If your emergency occurs at another location, we will move resources and expertise to your airplane.

Cost Savings

Another incontrovertible business truth: Time is money. That's why we're solving every problem faster, turning each project quickly — all to get you flying faster.