Airframe Service

Airframe Service

Unrivaled MRO for unmatched ROI.

"The a/c was pressed into immediate service, which is a testament to the quality of work performed. We at Allegiant are looking forward to a continuing relationship with AA."

- Allegiant Air

It's simple: AA-MRO is your best value.

On a price point, we're fiercely competitive. However, there's more to improving your ROI than what you'll find on an invoice. We eliminate the additional costs you've incurred from other shops in the past just to make your aircraft flight-ready after MRO services. With AA-MRO, your hardware is always returned in the highest-quality condition possible — so no more hidden costs. That's where we excel, why we're supremely competitive, and why we're your best value.

Delivering aircraft in top grade. Turn times that are more than competitive. A level of technician experience no other company can offer. A repair-versus-replacement mentality, as well as the creativity to find more efficient means of overhaul tasks. It adds up to one conclusion: AA-MRO delivers unrivaled MRO for unmatched ROI.

AA-MRO aircraft overhaul has a wide range of expertise, from MD80 and A300 to 737, 757, 767 and 777. Our highly experienced and expertly trained workforce operates on a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week schedule — worldwide. And with each job, the goal is to team up with our customers and to drive cost to the optimal level.

Servicing all manner of aircraft, including:

  • MD80
  • A300
  • 737
  • 757
  • 767
  • 777

Aircraft Maintenance

  • FAR 121 and FAR 145 (Cert.
    # AALR025A) Repair Station Qualified EASA 121 / 145
  • We perform more than 150,000 maintenance checks each year
  • Complete manufacturing and machine shop capabilities
  • Competitive turn times
  • Unmatched level of industry experience:
  • 80 years in aviation
  • Workforce AMT average: 16.5 years' experience
  • Total docks available: TUL – 23; AFW – 6

Total docks available

  • TUL – 23 (wide and narrow body)
  • AFW – 6 (wide body)

Aircraft Modification

  • Crown Skin Replacements
  • Empennage Panel Replacement
  • Pylon Modifications
  • Landing Gear
  • Insulation Replacement
  • Interior Changes
  • Development and Preparation for Aircraft Modifications
  • FAA Certifications:
  • DAS (Designated Alteration Station)
  • DER (Designated Engineering Representative)
  • DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative)

Airframe Overhaul Facilities

We perform more than 150,000 maintenance checks each year in our state-of-the-art facilities—with no hidden costs.

Major Bases
The largest MRO facility in the world
Alliance / Ft. Worth
Wide body center of excellence

Cost Savings

To meet the challenge of a large fleet of MD80s, we drove innovation and efficiency to the next level — with an acknowledged industry revolution. It's called The Pulse Line. Created for heavy c-checks, The Pulse Line not only improves turn time, but also cuts overhaul costs. (Even better, it continues to lower costs through Continuous Improvement.)

Rather than parking an aircraft and assigning hundreds of workers, The Pulse Line moves the aircraft through three unified stations — each with a dedicated mission:

Station One: Over three days, approximately 140 mechanics inspect and tear down the aircraft — removing seats, panels and overhead bins for restoration.

Station Two: The aircraft is then moved to one of two bays, with nearly 120 technicians each. Here, the heavy maintenance is executed expertly, and the aircraft cabin components are reinstalled.

Station Three: At the final stop, 40 to 50 technicians methodically and meticulously test the aircraft. Working in perfect unison, the overall overhaul takes 12 days, instead of the typical 19 to 23.

We invite you to experience The Pulse Line for yourself in person, or click on the video link. Just contact us to find out if The Pulse Line can deliver cost savings for your fleet.