Lean Services

Lean Services

As we move further into a new millennium, our industry faces one of the greatest challenges in aviation's first century. While some of our competitors have survived, some have not. And for those who continue to navigate industry turbulence, one marketplace truth emerges:

Change is paramount to survival in the new global market.

AA-MRO's Continuous Improvement office has fully embraced this reality, and is committed to realizing our company's success by becoming the world-class leader in aviation maintenance. With a steadfast dedication to safety, integrity and efficiency, we will provide our customers with the best product and the best turn-time, for the best overall value.

Our mission:

We must facilitate a revolution in our embedded culture, implementing progressive and perpetual change in the way we do business.

We must redefine benchmarks and standards of aircraft maintenance and overhaul through training, team building, listening and evaluation.

We must establish a culture that promotes a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and job security. We must empower our employees by welcoming and encouraging their ideas for improvement.

AA-MRO has sustained and focused commitment to Continuous Improvement. This process can ensure our place in the future of aviation maintenance, and it remains a vital interest. Because our competitors stand vigilant, ready to capitalize on any complacency.

Our objectives:

We must seek out, identify and eliminate every form of waste within our organization, then provide a logical means for its removal. This will maximize the effectiveness of our working environment.

We must recognize and eliminate the "Eight Deadly Wastes":
  • Transportation
  • Inventory
  • Motion
  • Waiting
  • Defects
  • Over-processing
  • Over-production
  • Under-utilization
As we move forward, we are capable of:
  • Building on our strengths (AAR, 5S, etc.), and leveraging them throughout M&E
  • Producing a strategic approach to process improvement
  • Developing and strengthening our personnel through training and exposure
  • Building on efforts within the Working Togther process
  • Supporting work team development and enhancing CI education and communication
  • Having fun at AA-MRO
Lean Services
You will find lean practices throughout the AA-MRO network, with special focus on our three maintenance bases:
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Alliance / Fort Worth, Texas
  • Kansas City, Missouri
Next Steps:

For a better understanding of lean efficiencies and cost savings that have transformed the AA-MRO workforce and workplace -- and how they can add up to extra savings for your shop -- contact:

Dante Vanni
Managing Director, Performance Improvement Strategies
Office: 918-292-7335