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Our History

80 Years of Excellence in Aviation

Founded in 1934, American Airlines is the world's largest carrier, bringing and expansive range of capabilities through 80 years of experience in the aviation business.

American Airlines Maintenance Services brings an expansive range of capabilities to the MRO demands of our commercial and government customers. We know the business inside and out, with 80 years of experience in the aviation world and combined network fleets numbering more than 1,000 aircraft — including MD80, B737, B757, B767, B777 and A300-600.

AMR is the parent company of American Airlines and American Eagle Airlines. Founded in 1934, American Airlines is the world's largest carrier, with its operations headquarters in Dallas, Texas; and maintenance facilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Alliance, Texas; and Kansas City, Missouri. Through over 75,000 employees, American, American Eagle and the American Connection regional carriers serve over 250 cities in more than 40 countries and territories — giving American Maintenance Services a vast footprint at the line station level.

Internal Resources: In 2004, American Airlines Maintenance and Engineering revamped its approach to employee management. AA Maintenance Services employs team-based work systems. Leadership Teams pair union and management personnel, extending throughout the system to facilitate the Turnaround Plan. Employees in the Joint Leadership Team (JLT), Area Leadership Team (ALT), Floor Leadership Team (FLT) and Product Leadership Team (PLT) work in concert with one another to make American Airlines Maintenance Services a leader against trends. This has kept 80 percent of our maintenance in-house, while also creating additional capacities to service the entire MRO industry.

Our team-based implementation varies depending upon the function, the process and the technology — from informal structures to the focused Turnaround Plan — and it is self-directed, with union and employee teams identifying additional initiatives. Overall, involvement is designed to increase efficiencies and revenues and reduce costs through Continuous Improvement (Six-Sigma).

AA provides performance incentives for employees, with payout based on the company's quarterly return on assets. Business performance is reviewed regularly with the unions. In its “pro-employee” approach to work system teaming, AA does not differentiate between union and non-union workers in these teams. Working smarter to streamline has reduced layers and steps in decision-making, helping the company respond quickly to changing customer needs and competitive conditions.

We understand your needs. Our years of insight and experience make us your one-stop, full-service, globally competitive option. American Airlines overhaul and line maintenance is the industry benchmark, as well as your best value.