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AA-MRO is the commercial arm for the American Airlines maintenance and engineering division. Our mission is to deliver superior quality, services, efficiency, turn times and reliable response to meet any and all of your MRO needs.

AA-MRO takes pride in offering our vast workforce expertise and premier facilities for your outsourcing needs. Our facilities and experienced workforce enable us to meet any of your outsourcing needs. What's more, our value-added services, high-quality products and bottom line competitive rates and turn times allow us to exceed all expectations.

AA-MRO has over two decades of repair experience with B767 and MD80 aircraft and has operated, as well as maintained, both models of aircraft since the 1980s. We also have nine years of experience in the maintenance and repair of B737-NG and B777 aircraft and related equipment.

Our engine shop, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, supports three models of CF6-80 series engines with a current production rate of over 85 units per year. Also, we operate the fourth-largest fleet of CFM56-7B engines, which began in February 1999.

Avionics and component repair capabilities includes A300-600, MD80, B737-NG, B757, B767 and B777 aircraft. Flight instrumentation repair includes line replaceable units and all flight instruments, plus data and voice recorders. A few additional capabilities includes GPS installation, Halon recovery / bottle rework, TCAS / Windshear installations, thrust reverser repair and unit modifications.

AA-MRO is currently capable of all levels of landing gear maintenance on A300-600, MD80, B737, B757, B767, and B777. And our Tulsa Base Shops contain a state-of-the-art composite repair facility and in-house back-shop parts repair support, including metal spray, plating, electron beam welding, high speed compressor blade tip grind, heat treat, NDT testing and more.

AA-MRO's mechanics are Airframe and Powerplant licensed by the United States FAA. The average mechanic has over 16 years of experience throughout the system. American is fully staffed with Aircraft and Powerplant Engineers capable of providing all your needs — including DER regulatory, engineering or maintenance planning services. We are also FAR 145 and EASA qualified, and customer equipment can easily be added to the program.

Even better, AA-MRO routinely receives maintenance recognition awards from regulatory agencies and OEMs, such as the FAA Diamond Award (maintaining a 25 percent minimum of mechanics FAA trained), Rolls-Royce's Three-Shaft Centre of Excellence Award and Excellence Award ratings during FAA audits. Safety is paramount at AA-MRO, and it is validated by the regulatory and manufacturer awards we receive.

Our engineering staff continuously strives to improve performance and achieve cost savings through implementation of both FAA approved Parts Material Authorizations (PMA) and use of Designated Engineering Representative (DER) authorities. We also utilize Continuous Improvement (a form of Six Sigma), Lean Manufacturing Processes, Point-Of-Use Tooling and Parts Kitting to ensure efficient production of aircraft, engine and component repair at our overhaul facilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Fort Worth, Texas; and Kansas City, Missouri.

AA-MRO is ready to offer you our extensive experience in quality airline maintenance, repair and overhaul services — as well as aggressive turnaround times. Our expertise in overhaul work on aircraft, components, engines, landing gear and APUs, as well as our line maintenance support throughout the world, makes us expertly suited to be your long-term, single source provider.